Insurance Claims

Risk Management Services handles any insurance claims that may arise out of the University’s insurance programs. We serve as a liaison between the campus unit that incurs an insured loss and the insurance company to assure the claim is adjusted in a fair and timely basis. Our aim is to remove the administrative duties of the claim from the campus unit so they can continue with their missions.

Subrogation and Recovery Services

When the University experiences damage to its property or vehicles from a responsible outside party, Risk Management Services provides the subrogation and recovery resources and expertise to help recover our costs from the responsible party or their insurance carrier.

Historical Claim Data

Prior to 2021, the University was required to carry “Fire and Lightning” property coverage. This resulted in the University not having coverage for the many incidents that are outside the realm of just fire and lightning. On July 1, 2021, the UNC System Office required all UNC System schools to carry “All-Risk” property coverage. This caused insurance premiums to increase campus-wide but included many additional perils that were not covered prior to 2021.

The charts below provide an analysis of year-over-year differences in loss types. Though many fire and lightning claims have been recovered from insurance, many excluded loss types have resulted in no recovery due to limited coverage. Since the requirement of “All-Risk” coverage was established, the University has recovered $427,568 for losses that would not have been covered prior to 2021.

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